play to win btc

BTCBlitz is a unique decentralized WEB3 project on the blockchain that allows you to make money on short-term forecasts of changes in the BTC exchange rate.

Users play against each other (and not against the platform) in real time, making a prediction for a certain amount of Matic - the chances are always 50% to 50%. The platform provides 100% protection against any emulation or falsification of results.

In the game it is very easy to top up your balance and withdraw Matic earnings from your crypto wallet or through any exchange to your bank card. There are no deposits or retention of your wallet funds by the platform.

BTCBlitz has a jackpot system: to participate in the drawing, for each prediction made, the trader is awarded a ticket, no matter whether the prediction was successful or not. The more tickets accumulated, the higher the chance of getting the jackpot.

🎁 There are also rumors that the developers are soon planning to airdrop the native token for the most active traders on the platform.